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It is probably a traumatic experience if a car accident happens. Still, it is recommended to remain calm and manage the situation diligently with the help of an auto accident attorney. So, what can you do if you are involved in a car accident? Let us explore the necessary steps to be taken following a car accident including hiring a car accident lawyer in California.

1. Getting to a safe position after evaluating the injuries

The foremost step that you can take before you think to hire a car accident lawyer in California is to check yourself and others involved in the car accident for any signs of injury. There are also possibilities to have safety concerns depending on where the accident has happened.

Calling 911 for emergency services is a crucial action to be taken immediately after a car accident to seek medical attention if it is needed. If you are taken to the medical room, ensure you have given sufficient contact information. Even if there are no injuries, still you should move to a safer point and ensure that the car doesn’t block the traffic, which may result in further injuries to you or others. You should leave the car and spot, and evaluate the scene for the further procedure of seeking an accident lawyer.

2. Calling the police after a car crash to the scene of the accident

Car accidents can occur frequently on the congested roads of California. Hence, it is extremely important to know the measures to be taken after a car accident, including finding the best accident attorney.

As per California law, you have to call the police if you have been involved in a car accident, even if there are minor injuries. The arrival of the police and filing of the accident report within 24 hours of the collision is very important for a claim. No matter whether you contact the leading car injury law firms; still it is essential that you legally contact a law enforcement officer after an accident.

The law enforcement officer will visit the scene of the car accident, investigate the scenario, inquire with all those involved in the crash, and file a report about the accident. When it comes to building a claim and seeking an auto injury lawyer, this police report will be highly helpful in getting compensation. In addition, the cops can also give assistance to those involved in the accident.

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3. Collect and exchange information

You may have devastating experiences in numerous ways after a car accident. However, your search and the best results for an ‘accident lawyer near me’ can often save you a lot from the consequences. Let’s see an important step that you should take care of after a car crash in USA especially in California. It’s Exchanging Information!

The parties involved with the accident should exchange important information such as:

  • Names
  • Contact Numbers
  • Addresses
  • The License Number Of Drivers
  • Insurance Information
  • License Plate Information

Gathering information from the witnesses and passengers will be helpful in claiming compensation for car accidents. Still, you shouldn’t forget that you should also spare time to look for a car ‘accident lawyer near me’ on the web and come up with the right choice. 

It is crucial that anyone who has been involved in an accident should freely exchange the essential details. Furthermore, it is also recommended to share the contact number of the car crash injury lawyer, if anyone on the scene has already had his experience in a car crash. It’s good to take images of the driver’s license card of the driver and insurance card through a cell phone.

4. Document the Accident Scene to protect yourself

A car accident can impact a person in various ways that includes life-altering injuries to serious financial losses. While you can’t get rid of all those annoyances of a car crash completely, still, seeking the top car accident attorney can help in tackling the losses and aid in claiming the compensation that a person deserves.

One of the important steps that you have to do after a car accident is to collect evidence and document the scene. This involves below activities:

  • Take pictures or videos of the damages, injuries, and the location where the accident has happened
  • Identify the responding officer for the scene
  • Ensure the images that take cover multiple angles
  • Collect names of witnesses, gather their information
  • Take note of all their statements
When you have clear documentation, it makes it easy for accident claims lawyers to do their task effectively in terms of claiming compensation.
It is also important to make sure that the photos clearly show the visible injuries. Keep in mind that this step of documenting the accident scene doesn’t just stand for collecting any dust or debris. But, it indicates gathering strong pieces of evidence that support your car accident lawsuit.

5. Seek medical professional support

Most of the accidents in California are unpredictable; some may be due to negligence of persons. Whatever, it may be good to recover the losses and it often needs the support of the best car accident attorney.

If you or anyone traveling with you is suffering from injuries, then it is important to seek medical attention immediately. It doesn’t matter whether the injury is very minor or not visible, still, it is recommended to visit the doctor and have a complete examination of the body’s health after a crash. This not only helps the person to have safety from injuries that may reveal delayed symptoms, but is also quite helpful for the car accident injury attorneys to make the claim for the person easily.

The medical records of the person act as important evidence in a personal injury lawsuit. As there are chances for the insurance company to have an argument that the injuries are not related to the accident, it is suggested to have medical records that indicate that you have taken treatment for the injuries following a car crash. Calling 911 services can bring medical attention to the place. After you are evaluated medically, you can contact the best accident lawyers for compensation claim support.

6. Contact Your Insurance Company

So, you have contacted the Police officer and are done with filing the report that would help the car accident injury lawyers to ease up the claim process. But, now there is an important task you should do. It is contacting your insurance company. Let your insurance provider knows that you have been involved in an accident. Prompt information to the insurance company enables them to manage the situation effectively in the aftermath of the accident.

It is very important that you inform the insurance company as soon as possible. This is because; the company can help in navigating the claim process and make you aware of collecting necessary information at the scene. The insurance provider may ask you to present some information or pieces of evidence that you have gathered so far. Dealing with an insurance company after a car crash is not an easy thing.

Especially, it becomes tougher when filing claims with multiple insurance providers. So, it is a good move to get a car accident lawyer to manage the scenario.

7. Hire and consult a car accident lawyer in California

Contact and discuss your case with the best accident attorney. We strongly recommend before you talk with the insurance company, you should speak with lawyers for auto accidents and then you can give the statement to the insurance carrier. The attorney can help you in many ways including protecting your rights and taking you to the necessary procedure for getting the final compensation.

Of course, you have certain rights in a car accident. However, you may not know that. When it comes to knowing the information regarding trucking accident law firm, contacting an attorney is the way to go. Ensuring your case is handled by an effective personal injury accident lawyer maximizes the chances of claiming the compensation that you deserve. As soon as you contact the lawyer, the better you can narrate the accident and give the evidence. As earlier, if you find an accident attorney and let him investigate the incident, talk to witnesses and negotiate for you, the better the lawsuit will be on your side.

8. Maintain Evidence And Records

If you are going to pursue a lawsuit with a good lawyer for car accident, then make sure that you keep and maintain detailed records and evidence related to the accident. Whatever the nature of the accident, if it is a rideshare accident or a slip and fall accident, gathering and maintaining all records associated is vital for compensation from the insurance company. Photographs and videos that are taken at the scene of the accident are excellent sources as they bring the right picture of what exactly happened in the accident.

Get a copy of the accident report, and collect necessary paperwork such as insurance claims, medical bills, notices from your insurance company, etc. Maintaining these details will help you have a good track of what is going on in the process and make sure everything is organized and right away with you to file a case and lead it with a vehicle accident attorney. Also, we suggest you keep records on property damage, proof of lost wages, and all relevant evidence for aiding your car wreck lawyer and getting the most out of the claim.

9. Liability investigation by car accident solicitors

After a car accident, it is really a tough time to deal with the injuries, insurance companies, and a lawsuit can be very challenging. However, if you don’t have to struggle alone, a search for an ‘auto accident lawyers near me’ can lend you the best hand. They are the people who can give you guidance and information and save your legal rights.


The car crash lawyers will investigate the accident and check for any negligence of the other party that has led to the injuries of the client. He may interview the witnesses and get their statements. He will investigate the area of the accident and look for surveillance cameras, examine the damages to the property, and review the photographs taken by the client. Typically, the investigation of auto accident injury lawyers emphasizes the rights of the client in getting fair compensation.


10. Negotiating the Car Accident Settlement

Having a proper settlement after a car accident involves some challenges. An early and good move in the settlement negotiation process is moving the procedure through a car accident lawyer in California and submitting an initial settlement demand. Before looking into the negotiation, an injury and accident lawyer will put all his efforts to prove the fault of the other driver involved. With the evidence submitted to him, he will try to investigate and prove the negligence of the other.

The attorney will assess the economic and non-economic damages, living expenses, medical bills, future medical expenses, missed wages and any herniated disc settlement, and other related expenses to get you the compensation that would pay for the future bills as well. Considering the vehicle accident law firm, the car accident settlement will take into account all the pain, suffering, and injuries undergone by the client. It is the responsibility of the fatal accident lawyers to demonstrate the impacts of the accident on behalf of the client and is essential for a successful settlement recovery.

11. Mediation (if needed)

Mediation, which is an informal negotiation process, is helpful to resolve disputes and is usually facilitated by a third party. Here, the parties, including lawyers that handle accidents, car insurance companies, negligent drivers, and car accident victims will be involved. They meet in order and will mutually agree to make a dispute. Sometimes, the best car accident attorneys can also serve as mediators and they are referred to as California mediation attorneys.

The major role of the mediator is to help to dispute the parties and enable them to come to an agreement. Both parties will suggest solutions to the dispute and finally, they reach an agreement. This mediation process often can be suggested by the accident auto lawyer, if the initial settlement is not agreed upon.


12. Filing a Lawsuit (if it is needed)

If the case is not resolved through settlement, then the car accident moves as per auto accident law firms. Accident legal facing is probably the way here and your car accident lawyer in  USA especially in California will take you to file a complaint. It is very optimal in those cases where the accident is at the fault of others. Even if you think the fault is with you, still, at fault car accident lawyer can navigate you to the right path in filing the lawsuit.

In those cases, where the attorney believes that the client can get a larger claim amount by going to the court, he/she likely will suggest filing a lawsuit. This lawsuit is the document that gives the basic details of the accident, the involved persons, and the description of injuries and damage to the property. So, if you have decided to go by auto accident law, then probably filing a lawsuit is the step to start.

13. Discovery and Pre-Trial Procedures

Once the lawsuit is filed by motor accident lawyers, then comes the discovery phase. During this phase, injury accident lawyers from both sides will exchange all the information related to the case. This information can be anything from insurance claims, photographs, medical bills, and witness statements. Both sides will get the opportunity to establish factual information to defend their clients.

This discovery stage is the ideal chance to share as much information as possible about the accident. Along with the car accident claim lawyer, you can provide the details of the auto accident caused, and illustrate your injury and vehicle damage with evidence and records.


14. Considering settlement

The court will present mediation as the option once the parties undergo the discovery stage. Before the car accident case goes to a trial, the parties, including the insurance company, the client, and the attorney at law car accidents will attempt to reach a settlement. With the help of the best accident lawyer, you can be able to get a fair settlement payment.

Throughout this stage, settlement talks continue and your top auto accident attorney will make attempts to reach a good compensation.

15. Trial

Anytime after your accident attorney auto has filed a lawsuit, there is a chance to go to trial. If both parties of the accident can’t come to a settlement, then the case will go to trial. The length of the trial generally will be based on the complexity of the case, and the number of witnesses, right from a minimum of one day to two months.

During the trial, the vehicle collision lawyer will present an argument that can be defended by the other car accident injury law firm party. The opportunity to provide evidence and witnesses will be given. The defense lawyer for car accident can do cross-examinations. Your car crash injury attorney will argue in order to get you fair compensation.


16. Verdict or Settlement Agreement

After hearing from both car crash law firms, the jury will disclose a verdict after considering the damages and injuries. Your car crash lawyer can raise a claim on behalf of you. Typically, this claim will be raised based on the loss of wages and benefits, loss of future income, medical bills, property damage, physical injuries, and sufferings of the person and his emotional distress as well.

In most cases, the local lawyers for car accidents will wait until you reach the maximum medical improvement (MMI) from injuries to determine the right claim. This MMI is the condition determined by the doctors that the condition can’t be improved thereafter, despite further medical treatment. Generally, lawyers dealing with car accidents may wait for this stage to know the true costs involved with the hospital and injury.

17. Settlement is finalized

Now is the stage of settling the case. If the settlement negotiations are finalized by both ends, they will enter into a settlement agreement. If you have a question here whether I should find accident attorneys to come to a settlement, our answer is ‘Yes’ and it is good. In many cases, it is good to find a car accident lawyer if you are not sure of the value of the claim. Moreover, as you are already suffering from injuries, a simple search for the ‘best auto injury attorney near me’ can save you from other stresses and get into a fair claim. Your car accident lawyer in California will communicate with the insurance provider and get good compensation.


During the reaching of a final settlement agreement, the insurance company will issue the settlement payment to the car crash solicitors. The automobile accident lawyers will deduct their fees and give the client documentation of the procedures they did for him. Typically, an automobile lawyer gets paid via a contingent fee billing method. This indicates that payment for the service is contingent, meaning a favorable outcome to the claim.


18. Closure of the case

Once the settlement amount is received, the case gets closed. The insurance companies should not take more than 85 days from the receipt of the claim to settle the amount. With the right guidance of the automobile accident attorneys, you can expect to get the settlement in about six weeks after you have finalized the settlement.

A right collision lawyer will have the potential to efficiently move the case and deal proficiently with the settlement negotiations and get you the claim as well and as quickly as possible.

Accelerating your settlement with the right auto crash lawyer

Being involved in a car accident may be a troubling experience for you. Still, if you know of taking the right steps after a car crash, you are protected. Be sure to have an understanding of the above procedures. Do remember that if you are thinking of filing a claim or pursuing a lawsuit, then you should contact the best car accident lawyer in California.

He is the right person to deal with the situation effectively, establish conversations with the insurance company, and communicate with the other side. The best attorneys help in gaining the maximum available compensation and you can get it through negotiations.

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